Beyond That Blue, They Move


Beyond That Blue

Beyond That Blue, They Move

Blazing sphere,
Sun-kissed horizons,
Rhythms of light,
There you were
Kissing the skies…

Floating gently,
Folding all around; intangible,
Soft and fluffy,
As a cotton candy,
Surreal and pristine,
Heavens you adorn.

Concealing violent thunders within,Β 
As ephemeral mountains in the sky,
Silent flashing of rains,
Reaching us,
While the sun shines through our lives,
Ushering in rainbow, magnificent.

Slowly you move,
In a complete mystery,
But perfectly,
In total harmony,
Like a holy symphony,
Dancing… And smiling…

A Note to All

This is a poem in Engish that glorifies the nature’s pristine beauty and the movement of clouds how they move along the horizon beyond that blue skies colouring them from blue to crimson.

As if moving in a perfect symphony beyond that blue skies these clouds reflect the beauty of the sun’s rays sprinkling the blue skies with a kaleidoscope of colours.

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