Bleeding Hearts: A Short Story

Weeping silently,
As she lay on the ground dying
Revealing little
She smiled at him
As she whispered,
With an unmistakable tremor
In her frail voice,
“I have always loved only you.”

Later standing by her grave
Consequently bitter with himself
He knew she spoke the truth.

Bleeding Hearts: A Short Story

It has been 5 years since that fateful day but the each and every minute detail is still etched in his mind. “These days will pass and time will heal,” wasn’t that what everyone told him? But each and every day since then that has passed has brought up only one question, “What went so grossly wrong? How did I not believe her? I knew in my heart that we loved each other. Then…?”

As he turned something poked at him and he realized that is revolver was still on him. Since Celina was shot down he had never parted with it and this time he knew he wouldn’t think twice before using it.

“Maybe if I would have then she would have been alive now…maybe,” it was a mistake Carl still regretted.

But the answers still eluded him. The more he thought about it all the more he hated himself. As he lounged back on his sofa his eyes darted to the wall clock on the opposite wall, “Damn! Everything I see or touch just brings back memories of her!” he thought.

“Wait a minute—”

“Is there something that I’m forgetting?” he quipped.

“Oh my God! How could I forget!! I have to be at Lucy’s place to pick her up for a dinner date!” he leapt up and rushed at full speed to shower and get ready to be there on time. He had heard that someone wise had once said, ‘It’s not proper to keep a lady waiting’.

After Celina’s death life had moved on many girls came and left…and Lucy was one of them. A sweet genteel girl, a little naïve at times but ok. Met her through common friends who took on the role of matchmakers whenever opportunity provided them to do so.

Lucy had a slender body, blonde hair, lips that were made to look full when touched up with cosmetics and eyes … Ah, they were ok not too big not too small but nothing in comparison to Celina who was filled in at all the right places and had all the right curves, auburn hair that reflected her wild nature, full voluptuous kissable lips that never needed any cosmetics and her eyes were like a magnet ‘big and expressive’ never could she hide any emotion of hers even if she tried.

“Then…Then why did she suddenly become so secretive?

Who was she trying to protect?” the questions started leaping again in his mind ready to create havoc.

“Now don’t start again!” he chided himself.

“You know very well that there is none who could ever match up to Celina,” Carl cursed himself as he rushed, “so stop comparing and get on with your life!”. He was almost done.

“A short brief trip to the florist should do the trick,” Carl mused as he grabbed his wallet, his revolver and the car keys making his way to the door.


Bleeding Hearts: A Short Story is my First attempt at writing a short story.
I would be grateful if you could please give your comments so that I can do better next time…

25 thoughts on “Bleeding Hearts: A Short Story”

  1. I too coincidentally used the word ‘bleeding’ today. Hehe. Anyway, I loved what you wrote today, Ma’am. So different from what I regularly read at your site. I love it. I love the new stuff and the old too. <3

  2. Ranjini First the poem and then the prose, even I have done this many times on my posts. I should say that helps the reader to understand your lines better. My Pats on this.
    The Poem seems to be almost complete but not the short story. I feel the story has to complete, one should know why he killed her at the end at-least. Since it is a short story one wants know then and there. It is not a serial to postpone. Somewhere you are making the reader to distract, keeping the reader held up to your story should be the in thing. But I should congratulate YOU on this first attempt.
    I hope you will bear with my Critical Appreciation.
    Keep it Going Dear.
    Fond Regards,


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