Call of the Silent Dell

Call of the Silent Dell

Those things I see
Behind my closed eyes
Are more than just shades of grey.
Time rewinds and replays in my head.
Nothing changes;
I have been here many times before.
Echoes from yesterday,
Make me realize
How flawed, vulnerable, lonely,
Cynical and proud…
I have morphed into.
I would have given anything to be
Someone’s last dance, first choice,
Only hope and the hardest goodbye.
But today I would rather savour the scent
Of midnight greens
And breathe the forest’s fresh air
And yet to none can I quite compare.
We humans are like ants, wolves and machines. All of these
By degrees, we’ve build ourselves homes
That restricts the freedom we crave.
Speaking through the cracks
Underneath the realization
Of what I have become.
I seek the truth hidden within.
Living the dreams that once
Had tip-toed softly through my sleep
Immeasurable, so silent and so deep.
Believing in the impossible,
I’m not yet prepared to doubt
The whispers of my soul
That confirms my belief.
“You are Exquisite…! You are Unique…!
Get up….! Become what you seek.”


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