Challenges and struggles make us who we are in the long run. With every challenge, we become an improved version of ourselves.  Recollect what challenges you had faced in your student life that are instrumental in making you what you are today. So… what are you waiting for? Pick up your mobile/laptop and start typing away … Read more

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Guest Post Rashmi: A Letter By Feminism To So-called Feminists

A Letter By Feminism To So-called Feminists fi

Guest Post Rashmi: A Letter By Feminism To So-called Feminists Dear self-proclaimed Feminists, What a splendid job you have done to the fairer community! Haven’t you? I must appreciate; you have really grabbed the mass attention of the world with your women-centric activities. And she has really excelled high as a result; this encourages me … Read more

Guest Post: Rishika Ghai

कन्यायों का अधिकार

कन्यायों का अधिकार   सोच बदलो बदलाव आएगा पर यह संभव नहीं जब तक पित्र्सत्तात्मक समाज कन्यायों को सम्मान नहीं दे पाएगा| आज़ादी के कई वर्षो बाद भी हमारा देश आज़ाद नही गुलाम है पित्र्सत्ता के दौर में कन्यायों को पुरुषो से मिलता कम सम्मान है| इस दौर की विडम्बना तो देखो छेड़खानी, बलात्कार, अपहरण, … Read more