Wistful Dinjan…

Wistful Dinjan

Wistful Dinjan Misty mornings, Serene and tranquil, Sprawling tea estates. Precipitous and sunny, A small sleepy hamlet, Godhuli*…and the sun is down, Enveloping darkness, And lo…!! I see her shadows dance by moonlight, A devilish smile burning bright, Far from the world’s hue and cry, And naughtiest glitter in her eye. Her raven hair, Flowing … Read more

A Friend: Someone no one can replace

No pretences, Just ourselves, Bare, naked souls, No egos, Full acceptance of each other’s Weakness and strength Non-judgmental That’s a friend… Sitting quietly over tea, Or, a gap of months, No words spoken, Still communication intact, One look and a joke is shared, Cribbing sessions too, Offload your souls That’s a friend… Different moods, different … Read more