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Passion Untrammelled

Lustful whispers; Fires of passion, Burning relentlessly; Unique, Not random or undefined. Eyes flickering so brilliantly, Irresistible lips; As fiery passion consumes, Erratic breathing; Passionate embrace; Almost teasing; almost retreating, The winds of passion tugging at hearts, Intertwined bodies; Souls dancing passionately; Heart screams; lust satisfied, Passion now a quiet …
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Restrained Ambitions and Inborn Passions

Passion is happiness and bliss. It is pain and tears. It is tumultuous. Passion is victory, triumph and delight. Soul burning up with the most violent flame; passion. Where passion leads; fools follow. ***** Scandalous rumours Lustful whispers; jealous lovers, Restrained ambitions of the insanely devoted, Hallucinating geniuses trading sleep …
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Lies: Truths We Wish To Hear

Lies; Broken promises and crushed hopes A different brand of heartbreak Mind rationalizing the malady Sabotaging relationships Unknown depths of dark deceit Stabbing; silently through the chest. *** Cheat; Playing wicked games of mind The truth hidden, a black vacuum Choking the essence of love Chooses to stay on; ignoring, …