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Short Stories

24 Hours, A True Short Story

Know your past  Grow in the present  And prepare for the future. That’s what her life As an officer’s wife had taught her. She stood in the kitchen making his favourite food…Sambhar and Dosa, when he entered and headed straight for the bedroom searching for her.  “Madhu..? Where are you he called …
Short Stories

Blind Love: A Short Story

While I sit reminiscing All the memories of you and me And on what used to be.  Despite the miles between us Whenever I think about us I’m a lush. Exactly one year completed today since the last time Amar had seen her. Standing at 5’10”, medium built not fat …
Short Stories

Bleeding Hearts: The Conclusion

*This is the third and the concluding part of ‘Bleeding Hearts’ For the first and second part read Bleeding Heart: A Short Story & Flashback: She Lit Up His World consecutively. Standing in the extended balcony, enjoying the music as he dragged on to his cigar he felt a slight chill in the …
Short Stories

Bleeding Hearts: A Short Story

Bleeding; Weeping silently, As she lay on the ground dying Revealing little She smiled at him As she whispered, With an unmistakable tremor In her frail voice, “I have always loved only you.” Later standing by her grave Consequently bitter with himself He knew she spoke the truth. Bleeding Hearts: …