Chandramauli; Cool Rays Of Moonlight


Chandramauli Cool Rays Of Moonlight

Chandramauli; Cool Rays Of Moonlight

Layers of silver moonlight
Beaming through the night,
Shall reveal, the girl
Born of moon and star.
Her smooth skin
Young and glowing
Dreamy eyes
Lingering sensuality.
The wind carelessly
Tossing and caressing her hair
Lissome steps tread the path.


Dance with me
Tonight is the night
Of reckless abandon.
We’ll move through this fantasy.
Her eyes
As black as the blanket of sky
Glittering with starlight.
Her face upturned close to mine
In the relaxed beauty of the night
As our lips met with a gentle touch
Many a hearts of men did she break.


And all the dreams of a sleeping world
Brought forth this daughter of night.
A girl shimmering in light and dust.
Your hand in mine
Let’s dance a little longer
Let’s romance a little longer
Let’s kiss a little more
Let’s embrace a little longer.
Nights still tinkling with layers of laughter echoes
From a distant world in the sky

 * chandramauli… Cool rays of moonlight.


  1. Ravi July 6, 2016

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