Children’s Day: Masti Full On

Happy  Children’s Day!

It was time for the meeting….

Where we were all supposed to decide on what we would be doing on children’s day today in our school. We wanted it to be different…. So this time we planned that we’ll be putting up dance dramas for our kids. But the that was so common and we were dubious about the whole idea of dance drama… we wanted them to enjoy and enjoy to the fullest without any scolding, books, pencils and lectures on discipline. So finally we went ahead with something that the kids had never imagined… a fete for them! Yes, that was a perfect way to celebrate.

Hence we all got going… lots of stalls ranging from golgappa (with 5 different types of water) bhel puri, bingo veg salad, ice creams, pasties, all favourite samosa and chowmein etc were set up and loads of games, puppet shows, magic show, camel rides and… DJ with all dance hit


s for them to enjoy.


The enthusiasm of the children was infectious. Breaking the barriers of strictness and bordering on the fun we teachers also let our hair down and shook our legs with the sun… with sun god taking some mercy on us while playing hide and seek with us and the clouds coming in as messiahs of mercy. Our APSites showcased their tents with instant coordinated dances, solo dances and songs… we all mused that we could hold an impromptu annual day just like this for our kids and knowing our talented bunch it would turn out to be a mega-hit…

From 10 am to 1:15 pm, 14 November 2017 goes down as a day in the history of Alwar Public School as a day that was filled with fun frolics and loads and loads of fun topped with dollops of love.


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