Contrary Yet Complementary


Difficult. Annoying. Vexing.
Tiresome. Trying. Tedious.
All that it could be
But never for a moment was teaching,
Inconvenient. Boring. Uninteresting.
Bothersome. Infuriating or maddening experience for me.
I always had a problem with my temper.
A simple irksome situation could
Turn into an explosion of emotion.
Tensions; Uncomfortable silence
Defiance; bad decisions wrapped up in smiles.
Gritted teeth and my motto; “I am who I am, and I do it my way”


Underneath those smiles
Lurked an irksome truth
And its name was Perfection.
Then I had kids of my own.
And discovered perfection in their imperfections.
Mediocrity was fine for me now.
Individual differences, I learned to accept.
My life’s perspectives were different now.
I was a mentor to my students.
In a world so impulsive,
They taught me cautiousness
Addicted to the chaos they created, I longed for it every day.


Torrent of love and faith showered
Was comparatively so stimulating,
My voyage with them has taught me the patience
Of an hourglass and its sand,
A need to learn and unlearn,
A need to learn how to endure
And to stand against the troubled winds
Of corporal punishments.
Breaking the barriers of absurdness
Your love led you to address me a ‘maa’ instead of ma’am.
Contrary yet complementary…
…YES; But that’s what today makes us ‘WE’.

(This poem is dedicated to my students, who are my mentors)


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