Dal Tadka: Yellow Lentil Sans Spices

A tasty simple Dal Tadka to complement the veggies cooked.

Sometimes you just want a simple yet a tasty meal sans all the masalas/spices.

Today I bring to you a simple recipe of ‘Dal Tadka’ that won’t take up your time and resources.

No onions, no tomatoes, no ginger and no garlic… yet extremely palatable and mouthwatering

Dal Tadka


Toor Dal/Yellow Lentil/pigeon pea- 1cup
Haldi/turmeric-1/2 Tsp
Salt- as per taste
olive oil/ghee- 1/2ysp


Black Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Red chilli powder
Sambhar powder


1. Add Haldi/turmeric and salt and boil the Toor Dal/Yellow Lentil/pigeon pea

2. Wait for the cooker to cool.

3. Heat the ghee/oil and add the tempering.

4. As the sputtering stops add Toor Dal/Yellow Lentil/pigeon pea

6. Stir properly and mix. (Add a little more sambhar powder if you want.)

7. Garnish with fresh coriander and serve.


  1. Enjoy hot with boiled rice, green onions, green chutney and green chili.
  2. Complement the dal tadka  with bitter gourd/ladyfinger

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