Dancing With the Devil


My heart is beating…
That’s all I hear.
Getting faster and faster,
Head pounding with every second that goes by.
Constant nausea; plagued by fear.
Tightness in my chest,
Suffocating: I can’t breathe.


I need to get out of here,
I need to breathe.
Sweating cold bullets of fear,
I wonder why I’m panicking.
All I can think of; how did this happen?
Why me? Why my kids? Why my dogs?
Why? Why? Why?


It’s as if someone took my sanity,
Making me go blind.
Worries controlling my thoughts,
I cling to the insecurities that threaten to devour me.
My brain: moving a mile a minute,
Racing my thoughts to the finish line.
And suddenly the panic sets in…!


All my body’s strength ebbing away.
I have to sit so that I don’t fall.
My legs suddenly unable,
To support my body weight.
And then I’m staring, praying desperately,
Everything is too tight, too close, too much.
As I sink to the ground the tears come pouring down.


Alone. Helpless. Trapped.
I feel I’m dancing with the devil,
His nail moving down my spine;
Spreading his poison


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17 thoughts on “Dancing With the Devil”

  1. I wouldn’t want to be part of this dance. Neither do I want you to be. Let the devil go dance with another devil. It’s a lovely poem full of emotions of fear Congratulations on your poetry book. It’s a great achievement.

  2. I agree that you should not dance with the devil. You’ll be dancing with the words that want out of the body to portray how to win over the devil’s claws. You describe something complicated with so few words. When the heavy cloud is upon us and the time do not want to jump over the hour’s wait. A good poem …

    • Thanks a lot😊 i try to do justice to the words by pouring out my feelings. I had almost lost my two dogs together to protozoa fever due to negligence of the vet. They had started haemorrhaging from the nose past midnight and all the doctors clinics had closed. I was at my wits end… desperate and praying.. when God came to my aid. I managed to find a vet who came home and treated my dogs and waited with me till 2am … till they were or of danger. Then the extensive treatment started…

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