Daring Are Those Who Dare To Encounter

Daring Are Those Who Dare To Encounter

Conquer the highest mountain,
And take out expeditions…

Living in the Siachen Glacier,
Defying all the physical, mental and spiritual limits.

Brave the crevasses,
In the highest combat zone on planet earth.

A place where fewer soldiers have died on the line duty due to enemy fire,
Than because of the harsh weather conditions.

Swimming across the flood affected rivers,
Providing relief when civil administration fails.

Surviving the harshest desert,
Or combing the dense jungle for militants.

Diving the deepest trench on the border,
Or daring to make the longest jump across the enemy territory.

I dare the citizens, bureaucrats and paid media,
To spend a week with the soldiers.

Don’t forget to take your bullet proof jackets and helmets along,
Because the bullets that fly are real and not empty bullets.

When it comes to defending and sacrifice,
None can match the daring tigers of the Indian Army.


7 thoughts on “Daring Are Those Who Dare To Encounter”

  1. ‘Don’t forget to take your bullet proof jackets and helmets along,
    Because the bullets that fly are real and not empty bullets.’ This will never happen and that’s why they never understand 🙁 Good write.

    • Thanks…. 😊
      The Entire NATION is asking when will the INDIAN ARMY be launched into BATTLE…?

      But, SURPRISINGLY, No one is asking WHEN will the ARMY receive their ENTITLED Dues DENIED to them for so many years……

      That is BECAUSE they couldn’t care a SHIT about the DUES… . WAR will provide them with some entertainment, something to shout about, an opportunity to wear their so-called PATRIOTISM on their sleeve for a while to look good to the people they want to impress.

      A few HUNDREDS, or more, of SOLDIERS will DIE. But then, that is someone else, right ? A statistic to flash on screens, and shed cosmetic TEARS for. And promptly FORGET when the next cricket match comes along.

      And When it is OVER, and the DANGER is PAST, the same ASSHOLES will resume their shouting about why the ARMY should NOT get better pay than Policemen, and protesting about why SOLDIERS should get “CANTEEN FACILITIES”, and how if the Govt PAYS the ARMY their entitled dues then it will HAVE to do it “at the EXPENSE of other POOR people” DESPITE Crores of Rupees DISAPPEARING under other multiple heads in a multitude of other directions.

      An UNGRATEFUL NATION may NEVER change its Spots.

      P.S. :
      I am CERTAIN that most of you DO NOT know that all ARMY MEN have to PAY for their OWN Life Insurance – a hefty sum every month. The govt does NOT insure them, and NEITHER does any Public Sector insurance company ! That has forced the ARMY to create the Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) with monthly contributions made by army soldiers themselves.
      “God helps those who help themselves”. This nation surely ensures that for soldiers “helping themselves” is the only alternative available.
      And YET they risk their lives constantly, for the security of this ungrateful nation.

  2. Your government, like most others, is corrupt. Many of your people, like most peoples of the world, are ignorant, but that’s largely because they are sparsely educated. Many countries don’t have that excuse.
    OH! and that was a great post, by the way, followed by brave, honest, words in the comments section. You’ve taught me something new about India.


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