Defining Labels

Defining Labels

Introvert. Extrovert.
Gay. Transgender.
Retarded. Bipolar.
Widow. Divorcee.
Immigrant. Hobo.
White. Black. Brown.
Christian. Muslim. Jew. Hindu. Sikh.
Multidimensional and complicated,
These are real people with real problems.
Judged by their beliefs and religions.
Judged by the clothes they wear
Or the music they listen to…

Anger creates labels.
Insecurity creates labels.
Labels destroy
People aren’t what they seem
So stop labelling and start accepting.
I am me
You are you
And that is all
No explanations needed
Being Human is
The only label that should matter.

Do we need labels to understand people?
Or do we need labels to discriminate!
Labels do not define people.
It’s ‘WE’ The People who define labels.


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