Did you say your prayers today?

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did you say your prayers today

Did you say your prayers today?

People go to temples, church, mosque, gurudwara to pray and then they come out and either harm someone or kick a stray… Or maybe just close their eyes and walk on without helping a needy animal… I have friends and even family who thinks that I’m crazy… A person who chases animals… But honestly, I can’t close my eyes to their suffering when I see them. Rather than waiting for help from someone else, I would rather step up and do my bid to help/rescue the animal/bird… That’s my first instinct… And I don’t regret it, nor am I ashamed of it. What is the purpose of me praying to God when as an empowered human I can’t help a mute animal… Which is also one of His creations.

I believe in Destiny and Karma. Why is it that only I get to see these helpless beings or are the others blind…? There is a stray male cat that used to cross my garden A majestic animal… The other day I saw it limping badly. But it wouldn’t let me near it. So I kept water outside my house as it’s very hot in Allahabad nowadays. I tried to feed it but it used to run away limping and dragging its feet…

After Two weeks I saw it had collapsed in my garden an was unable to get up even after my dogs tried to chase it away… I understood that my time to step in has come… I gently took the scared cat and placed it under shade and took my dogs inside, and gave it some cold milk to drink… Maybe this time the cat understood that I meant no harm, or was it too painful for him to run away….? But it stayed on and now we’ve taken charge of the cat, making sure it’s properly fed… As it can hunt no more. His rear left leg had been skinned to bone by dogs in a vicious attack. It’s healing but still I’m not sure if it’ll allow me to tend to his injuries… But yes now at least he replies with a ‘meaow’ when I call him…

They say a cat has nine lives… I hope this is his first and he still has eight lives ahead of him. Hoping he gets better fast enough… Amen.

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