Dilli Hai Dilwalon Ki

Dilli Hai Dilwalon Ki

In the country’s north
A city where time travel is feasible
A city that never sleeps
Woven into the rich fabric of its territory
Are historical moments of pure beauty:
Imposing Mughal-era Red Fort and
Rashtrapati Bhavan: a symbol of India.
Colonial-era parliament building and
Penchant of bureaucrats for high tea,
A flower girl threading vibrant Marigolds outside a temple.
From old neighbourhoods dating back to the 1600s,
To the elegant metro system
From looming Qutab Minar to serene Lotus Temple.
From wholesale markets where labourers
Haul sacks of spices and vegetables
To Meena Bazaar where jewellers weigh gold on dusty scales.
From Old Delhi’s, sprawling Jama Masjid mosque,
To Chandni Chowk; a vibrant bazaar filled
With food carts, sweets shops and spice stalls.
From modern futuristic Delhi’s Pragati Maiden to
Satellite cities of skyscraping offices and glitzy malls.
From chaotic and chronic traffic jams to
A boy flying a kite from a rooftop.
From rock music live concerts to
Sufi devotional songs.
Delhi is a city of chaos and dreams
That has been repeatedly ravaged and reborn,
Where remnants of lost empires are found
In almost every neighbourhood,
Dilli hai dilwalon ki…


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar, 2016.

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28 thoughts on “Dilli Hai Dilwalon Ki”

  1. Delhi is indeed a rich city and has a significant role in India’s history. Ironically, the capital of my country now is seen as an unsafe place for it’s citizens. It makes me feel sad that the first thing that comes to our minds whenever we think about Delhi is not the Parliament , India Gate , Red Fort but the crime rate. Hope things change with strict governance and healthy mindsets of people.

    • I agree with you. My daughter is studying there… and till she reaches home from college I don’t feel at ease… I am constantly worried for all the right reasons that you would understand without me spelling it out

  2. How i really wish Delhi was for everyone and everyone to Delhi. But very sad to say it is not so. But we can always sincerely hope that someday your words do hold true.

    • it is as you take it dear… i have lived in Delhi my whole life and being a military wife i have roamed the whole of India.. north, south, east west and center. trust me Delhi is not so bad. if it were so then why are the people from all over India coming and settling there? safe or unsafe no place is safe for girls today, i believe. the mindset of men has to change. delhi or any city for that matter cannot be blamed. the culture is set by the yardsticks of the mothers of the house.. she may come in form of mother il law, sister Daughter or wife. if we cant groom our son’s well we cant blame any city for it.

      • I totally agree with u. But as u have been protected and have seldom roamed the unknown areas, its good for u. As the hindi saying goes,”Sawan ke andha ko sab hara hi lagata hai”.
        Sorry if i have hurt ur sentiments. But i really liked the presentation on ur blog. It’s looking very attractive.

        • no you haven’t hurt me..how can you when you know nothing about me…:-) but just a request… dont assume what you dont know anything about. but just for you info i have grown up there traveled to my school in DTC buses, got eve teased in the buses in the autos and on the roads. i have slapped people kicked the and poked them hard with the compass so thet they dont molest me and a keep a safe distance from me in a crowded moving bus. me and my sister would have been another nirbhaya case had we not jumped out of the moving bus in R K Ruram area. we then lodged an FIR and took the driver and conductor to the court room. i lied in south delhi but used to travel to delhi univerity by buses used to take me two hrs and three buses to reach via central secretariat. have covered till rohini, pritampura, kirti nagar, delhi university dalal street and all by bus. my fathers had two cars standing in the house. i knew driving but not a single place did he give me his cars. No dear i have had to rough it out in the streets with lecherous hoodlums and almost getting dragged into a car. things were never a cup of tea for me ask you mom, eve teasers were there in our times also. but they werent so many and so bold then. today they know they’ll get away scott free hence they are emboldened.Yes i agree 100% with whatever you have to say, but if it is so bad then why are students from all over the country trying their level best to come and study here, why are ppl coming here to work. not because they love this place but because they find opportunities here. all big metropolis are like this. because i have been where you are today i fear for my daughter’s safety everyday and ensured that she always has an escort. but there are times that she has to do without one and honestly i cant rest in peace till she comes home. she has to inform me of her movements in delhi. i was in a protected environment only after i married my husband. but here in army we have different pressures to deal with on a larger scale. delhi is not my choice but a majboori. but still i dont hate the city. maybe being a history student has something to do with it. i love it with all its faults and glory… but that does not mean that i have let my guard down or i feel secure there. come to eastern UP and Bihar and stay here maybe then you wont hate delhi so much…

          • It means we all have been through rough times. I like the true feeling that u have portrayed through ur post.
            Without any doubt Delhi is a city of oppurtunity but it has its bad part too. Its up to us what we see. I would like to see the good part but surely will not forget the misery associated with it.
            By the way i liked ur blog for it is indeed very eye-catching. Can u help me with some ideas?

          • thank you love… i didnt portay the bad part not because it doesnt exist… but because we have enough of it in the news papers. when i read the delhi news my day starts with negativity… so i focused on only good things….
            thank you for your views dear.. and definitely i would like to help you with anything that you ask? ask away… no issues. if you want my email id is ranjeetanathghai@gmail.com

  3. Dilli! Where Sarkars have bloomed and doomed.
    Dilli! Where people have been raped and duped.
    Dilli! Where deals in millions have sucked and shocked.
    Dilli! Where governments have toppled and finished.
    Dilli! Where friends are hugged and ill-treated.
    Phir Bhi Dilli Hai Dilwalon Ki.
    Ranjini! Is that right?😀


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