Keeping A Positive Mindset

Keeping A Positive Mindset

In most difficult times.
When faced with impending failures,
Rather than destroying
Annihilating; eradicating…
All that you need to do is
Seize every opportunity,
And do not lose hope.

Follow your dreams.
Mobilize your thoughts.
Realizing your potential,
Striving for your goal
And overcoming your fear.
Helps in accomplishing the desired aim
Emerging victorious, triumphant.

To be successful
Doesn’t always mean
Being loaded; stinking rich,
Prosperous, affluent, or wealthy.
Success is what you make of your life.
By keeping a positive mindset,
And shunning all negatives.

Dreams map the future;
The road to success.
And successful means
Being at peace with yourself and the world.
Feeling secure even on an empty stomach
With no trendy clothes
Just possessing a healthy mind.

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