Earth: You Nurture, You Provide

earth nurtures

Earth: You Nurture, You Provide

Earth, You nurture, you provide,
Yet can’t escape the man’s might,
They say it’s his education,
But of what use?
If it can’t stop destruction…!

Red, yellow, green or blue,
You have catered for every hue,
Your treasure troves now diminishing,
Birds and animals near extinction,
Rivers drying up or changing course,
While activists cry themselves hoarse,
Deaf ears are what governments have,
While poachers poach till the balance snaps,
Galaxies and moons you support.

While the world dwells in comfort,
Hurricanes, tsunamis and catastrophe,
Can’t man fathom your fury?
Your beauty today is scarred and tarnished,
Ah..! But I know, Earth…
It’s the man you’ll one day banish…
For one day you’ll give up
Put an end to this triade
And claim what’s is rightfully yours…




Earth… The most beautiful place to be…

The more I discover you… The more I’m in awe of you…

Nature nurtures while man destroys.

If we want to be nurtured then we should be more conscious about protecting and preserving the earth and nature that nurtures us.

Earth is the only planet that has water and life. so rather than spending millions and trillions on finding a new earth we should spend money on preserving what we have.



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