Echoes From The Past

Echoes From The Past

Lush gardens,
Echoes from the past,
Come back to haunt.
Missing you…
And, Occasions spent together,
In the company of one another,
On specially marked days,
When the city lights explode,
I feel the emptiness within,
Suffering from your absence,
Sans jealousy; yet envious.

The empty tide returns,
Shadows shroud my soul,
My heart overflows,
With desires unknown,
Sometimes hate and loathe,
For those who offend,
Gazing into an empty night,
Losing sleep,
As wind whistles through the trees…
Memories belong to the past,
Predictions belong to the future,
And emptiness…?
It belongs to the moment in the present.

A never-ending moment,
Hollow and heartless,
Pain forever running deep,
Poisonous doubts.
Stuttering heart,
Tears of loneliness,
Stinging behind my eyes,
I put myself back together,
Trying to fill the empty spaces every day,
And… Emptiness reigns supreme.


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