Fear, An Enemy To Overcome

fear An Enemy To Overcome

Fear; An Enemy To Overcome

I fear…
Standing at the railings,
Lest my mobile goes crashing down,
Jumping over a drain,
Lest I’ll fall within,
Travelling on a flight,
Lest turbulence brings my plane crashing down


I fear…
Going into the OT,
Lest I don’t come out alive,
Sleeping in the dark,
Lest the wandering spirits take my soul away,
Getting into a lift,
Lest I get stuck between the doors.


I fear…
Climbing the heights
Lest I go down pummeling on my head,
Walking the streets alone,
Lest I’m accosted by moving shadows,
The unknown; rejection,
Lest I can’t pull away in time,
The natural calamities,
Lest I don’t have resources to fulfil the needs. 


I fear…
Living in Fear of fears attack,
Sometimes, Feeling quite alone;
It doesn’t make sense,
But it’s all too real..!
Coming in all shapes and sizes,
Bad experiences; catching me off guard.


Fear: Embarrassing; leading to more,
Needing a powerful ally; confidence,
Wanting to be strong and in control,
Breaking even,
From the prison of fears,
Breaking the autonomy of fear on me,
 shall find my freedom.


Note to All

Fear is a common enemy we all face.

It is An Enemy To Overcome. Fear is the main spoilsport spoiling all the fun.

Many people forget to actually enjoy the life they are living for the fear of exposing themselves.

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