Fish in Mustard Gravy: Assamese Preparation

Fish in Mustard Gravy (Assamese preparation) is an authentic delicacy of Assam and Bengal in India. This preparation of fish has a slightly pungent taste. An absolute hit with mustard lovers this will leave you wanting for more.

mustard fish


fish – half kg
haldi (turmeric)
ginger paste- 1tsp
mustard yellow (half cup soaked)
curd – 1/2 kg (beaten)
onion -2 small (grated)

green chilly- 2/3
mustard black- 1 tsp
mustard oil- 2tsp


1. Grind soaked mustard and keep aside.

2. Semi fry fish till slightly reddish/ golden brown and keep aside.

3. Add whole green chilly (slightly slit) and black mustard seeds in the tadka (tempering)

4. Add onion and fry until golden brown.

5. Add haldi (turmeric), salt and ground mustard. Mix.

6. Add a little water and then curd. Mix.

7. It should be like a thick (lat-pat) gravy. (If you want a thinner gravy, add more water as per your preference)

8. Add ginger paste and stir.

9. When it comes to boil then add the fish slowly a.

10. Allow it to simmer for a while then take it off the fire.


  1. Before frying the fish for ‘Fish in Mustard Gravy” plz ALWAYS marinate the fish in little lemon juice, salt and a little turmeric for 1/2 an hour.
  2. Keep the tray at a slant so that the excess water drains out. This way it’ll take less time to cook and there will be less sputtering in oil.
  3. Use only the required amount of oil that you need to fry fish.
  4. If you take large quantities then you might end up throwing it and it will go waste as you won’t be able to use that oil anywhere else.
  5. Remember you can always add some oil to fry as and when you need it.
  6. Cover the lid while frying so that the oil splutters don’t mess your kitchen and your dress.
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