Fish & Lau Tenga (Assamese Preparation)

Fish & Lau Tenga (Assamese preparation) is an authentic delicacy of Assam and Bengal in India. This preparation of fish has a slightly tangy gravy with a concoction of vegetables thrown in hence it is rich in proteins and fibre both.

Fish & Lau Tenga (Assamese Preparation)


fish ( rohu/ katla/magur)- fried to light brown-half kg
mustard oil-2tsp
lauki / bottle gourd (cut into small pieces)-one
potato (cut into small pieces)- one
ginger -1inch
green chilly-2/3


mustard oil-2tsp
green chilly-2/3
curry Leaves (optional)


1. semi fry the fish & keep aside

2. Put lauki (bottle gourd) and potato in a cooker.

3. Add salt and haldi (turmeric) and give 2 whistles. Keep aside.

4. Give tadka/tempering of panchpuran*, green chilly and tejpatta in the same oil.

5. Add tomato & ginger and stir until reduced to pulp.

6. Add water, boiled lauki (bottle gourd) & aaloo (potato) & prepare the curry.

7. When it comes to boil add fish slowly. Stir slooooowly or you’ll break the fish.

8. Add coriander and tsp of mustard oil as garnish and serve with rice.

*panchporan (mix all the spices given below in equal quantities)

mustard seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Nigella sativa


  1. For basic tips on how to fry a fish read Fish in Mustard Gravy: Assamese Preparation.
  2. You can add coconut milk to vary the taste the next time you prepare the same recipe.
  3. You must have seen by now that I add Curry leaves to most of my food preparations. That is because it is anti-cancerous.
  4. Curry leaves fight cancer cells and prevent cancer cells from building in our body.
  5. You can also have it raw if you wish after washing or make a chutney out of it.
  6. To save time you can boil lauki (bottle gourd) & aaloo (potato) separately while you are frying the fish.

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