Holding On To Foggy Memories

Holding On To Foggy Memories

By Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Holding on to
Foggy memories
I feel my dreams die
And I realize;
On my own, I must go
Searching for something different
As it is blackness that fills my nights.
As cliché as it may sound
I know you watched the curtains close,
While the world slept and I was left sitting in the cold darkness.

There was a time
When I found solace
In your warmth
Now you complain
Over matters you would have
Otherwise brushed aside.
The aura around you that
Was filled with the greatest light,
Now lies tinged with specks of darkness to come
Causing chaos and wrath in the heaven’s peace.

I may have already lost the battle, but
I’m glad I was able to witness the brilliance of your love
Confined in the deep dreamy brown eyes
That had seemed to swirl away all my worries.
I drew to you like a moth to a flame,
Little did I know that my wings I shall burn
While listening to the songs of the whispering winds.
In this world of illusions
I thought that our love grew strong as the time passed;
Yet it couldn’t survive the stormy seas of separation.

As the sun sets; and time flies away
An all-consuming darkness
Threatens to overtake
Batteries run out of your flashlight
That used to emit undeniable warmth and love.
Perhaps I was naïve;
But now I can see you
From a place least expected:
And the little flame of mine will glow fiercely;
With you or without you.

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