Food Blog: FoodAllTime, Is Here To Stay!

Food Blog: FoodAllTime, Is Here To Stay!

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Hi Everyone!

I know that I have been away for long. It’s not that I had stopped writing… but because my other passion finally caught up with me.

What’s that you might ask?

What can be more important than AZKS for me?

Well, it’s my new baby… my food blog 🙂

My food blog is where I share my passion for cooking along with you all.

Whenever I used to watch videos of food blog and read a recipe on a food blog one thing always used to bother me and that one thing was the content of oil used.

All that greasy cooking looked good but was a major put off.

Being a military daughter, military daughter-n-law and a military wife I have enjoyed cultural variations within my own home.

My parents being doctors always advocated tasty yet nutritious food.

This has also made me a foodie.

Moving to new places with my husband every two years has not only taught me to adapt to circumstance but also to enjoy the native cuisines that are yummy and unique.

Having had enough of watching greasy cooking I decided to make my own blog and share my low- fat recipes with you all.

Trust me you are going to enjoy every minute you spend there.

You must be wondering…why the name FoodAllTime? Well, that’s because we cater to all type of food which can be consumed at all times without worrying about the fat content. Exceptions are always there but then don’t we risk our lives every day on the roads braving the traffic too. A little indulgence is permitted if we live and eat the healthy way.

From the preservation of herbs and spices to mouth-watering cuisines, pickles, cake n bakes, thirst quenchers and meal planners you’ll find everything under one roof.

Being a foodie myself I just cannot go on a dieting and neither do we advocate that for you.

We are firm believers in diet planning.

Diet meal planners, calorie charts and exercise regimes you name it we have it ready for you.

All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE and have all the goodies delivered to your inbox for FREE. We don’t collect credit card details.

We hate SPAM ourselves we’ll never spam your inbox.

Why Should You Visit FoodAllTime?

food blog- DIET MEAL PLAN

There are surprises delivered every day.

Nothing will be posted without your consent.

You will be updated with latest recipes, offers,

and freebies will be delivered straight to your inbox.

In case you want to unsubscribe you are free to do so,
though we’ll never give you the reason to do do.



How Do I Subscribe To FoodAllTime?

Now that is the simplest part of all. Just click on any pic on this post
and you should be there.

It’s as simple as that.

As soon as you reach there you’ll get a notification seeking your permission to allow ‘US’ to send notifications to ‘YOU’

Just click on ALLOW button and your job is done!


What If I Miss The Pop-Up?

Well, no fretting. We have catered to that too.bell

At the bottom right of your screen, you’ll see a ‘BELL’

Just CLICK ON THE BELL button and you are SUBSCRIBED!


So… What Are You Waiting For…! Head For FOODALLTIME.

I’m waiting there for you on my dinner table.

The more the merrier is my motto.

Gotta rush as I have got to make Aloo Paratha Recipe: Stuffed Indian Potato Flatbread today.

Come soon it tastes best when it’s served piping hot. 🙂

Loads of love…

Your very own,

Ranjeeta Nath Ghai



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