Footsteps Of A Traveller

Footsteps of A Traveller

Footsteps Of A Traveller

Today I travel in time,
It’s been two scores three,
Never-ending waves of memories 
Like wandering tides; Since last, we met.

Two travellers,
One road,
The difference of age,
And frosted strands.

The heart’s homebound,
Wanderlust seeking the soul,
Feeling the cosmic harmony,
An unburdened soul.

Veering away from the usual path,
A Whirlwind tour,
Bridging vast eternity,
While travelling through time.

Moments come and go,
Yet it’s like the same,
Times we shared before,
Every bit of it; and even more.

A voyage full of hope,
Gathering flowers along the way,
Connecting with other travellers,
We will see each other once more.



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