Footsteps of Perfection

Footsteps of Perfection

Metamorphosing from a reckless youngster,
To being a responsible father,
Getting only a few moments to prepare for fatherhood,
As your little angles emerged in the world,
Wriggling in your arms,
While you absorbed the reality of your daughters’ arrival,
Singing songs to being nonpareil storyteller,
You completely absorbed the switchover of the role.

You did not give birth to your offsprings
But have been there whenever it mattered,
Have stayed awake to make your little ones fall asleep,
Enveloping your frightened little angles in your warm secure hug,
Tolerated your rebellious teens with an advice or two,
Which often went unheard…,
You were there when anxieties of growing up surrounded your young ones,
Constantly pushing your children off their limits to achieve more.

On the platform of life,
You have been as nervous off the stage,
As your little performers on it,
Excellence. Magnificence. Perfection.
Teaching your teens the courage of conviction,
Anyone can be a father but it takes a special man to be our papa,
As our dad, you outshined as the beau idéal of fatherhood,
Even with your imperfections, YOU are our perfect dad.


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