A Forbidden Romance

Forbidden Romance

A Forbidden Romance

Greater the risk,

More the craving and temptation,

The prize, a forbidden fruit.


There is an allure,

To the forbidden,

Ecstatic. Unadulterated.


Outwardly shameful,

Inwardly sating,

The game is a labyrinth.


Higher stakes,

Goals defined; breaking all rules,

Moral beast of blissful freedom.


Free of Societal inhibitions,

Emerging from shadows,

Love is a forbidden fruit.


It’s a game of the insane,

A battle sometimes imminent,

Temptations, surpassing the fear of consequences.



The most exciting thing that is there in the world is maybe A Forbidden Romance.

Everyone likes to do something that is forbidden and not allowed.

It is a perfect poem for all romantic souls who love to tread on the forbidden path.

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