Forlorn Heartbeats

Lost in an abyss of time
Forsaking all that she had
For a patch of Independence
She walked alone
A wife, a mother, a daughter
A sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law
Somewhere along the way
Her identity was lost
Her dreams lay shattered
It’s fragments scattered
All over, crushed by the egos
And gender bias.

Forlorn; she stood alone
As she gazed in despair
Morbid thoughts raked in her head.
Replacing the empty spaces with loneliness.
Her ever ready smile was
Ripped so violently away
Shedding silent tears she stood
Recalling the time before marriage
When she actually had friends.
Ones she’s hasn’t talked to in years.
Because they’ve all moved on
Somewhere now even she doesn’t know
And she just stood alone in her room,
After everyone left
Wishing she had moved on too.

And as the night falls
She could only lie motionless,
Numb; with marks on her body
A proof of his physical superiority
On her, as he rolled off her
Spent and satiated.
Her love was now barren of any emotion
For she had tried different ways
To reconcile, yet
She demanded equality
She was reminded
That she’s a woman.

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