A Friend: Someone no one can replace


No pretences,

Just ourselves,

Bare, naked souls,

No egos,

Full acceptance of each other’s

Weakness and strength


That’s a friend…

Sitting quietly over tea,

Or, a gap of months,

No words spoken,

Still communication intact,

One look and a joke is shared,

Cribbing sessions too,

Offload your souls

That’s a friend…

Different moods, different hues,

A helping hand to hold you up

When you are down,

A guide who tells you things upright

Someone you can count on

To advise and understand

Someone no one can replace

That’s a friend…

(26th March 2016)

Each one of us needs a friend in his life… to fight with and to share our weakest and the strongest moments. We can do without relatives at some point of time but friends help make the live worth living. This poem is dedicated to my friends.

5 thoughts on “A Friend: Someone no one can replace”

  1. Nice one! I am bound to enjoy my time here at your blog, you bring forth amazing writings to read. Keep going dear friend, feel free to contact me if you need any assistance towards the growth of your blog! Following you. Cheers to new friendship! – Cezane


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