From Dawn Till Dusk I Waited For You

From Dawn Till Dusk I Waited For You

From Dawn Till Dusk, I Waited For You

 Purple fiery horizon
Adds to the night’s dark seduction
Shadows sliding down the snow
And while the moon and the stars
Play hide and seek…
The dusk is upon us and the Life goes on.

As the night saunters in patiently
The cold winds do little
To comfort the soul
Reminding me all the while
Of your warm embrace
And gentle touch.

The overcast skies and the clouds
Acting as Venetian blinds to the Sun
Ensure that the night is almost alive and the day is almost done.
The magnificent glimmers of the embers
Dance to the glorious beat of the flames
In the fireplace spreading their tender warmth.

Dreams; broken and forgotten
Old photographs of lost days and forgotten moments
Tears of loss and blurred visions
Infinite darkness and poignant memories
And the night hears me screaming back
At the monsters of my past.

Today as we part ways silently
My muse is forgotten and solitude greets me
From dawn till dusk.
From dawn till dusk my heart sings a sad tune
Yet I carry on regardless
And shadows lengthen the wait of the new beginnings.

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