Guest Post: Erik Smith- Weight Loss


weight loss

Guest Post: Erik Smith- Weight Loss

How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

The truth of the matter is that weight loss cannot be achieved by crash diets or sudden bursts of exercise. You need to do it the right and healthy way. Planning to lose weight? If you are, this article will guide you on the proper way to go about with weight loss.

Energy needs and weight loss

Food helps the body store energy. Any excess energy is stored as fat. So if you eat more food that is required by your body for cell maintenance, this will result to weight gain. If you want to lose weight, there are two possible ways you can do this:

  • Reduce calorie intake

  • Increase Activity level

For this reason, experts talk about weight loss in terms of diet and exercise.

Make Gradual Changes In Your Diet

Small changes can make a huge difference. An additional biscuit weekly translates to a 5 pound gain a year. Remove that biscuit from your diet and you will lose the same amount. You are better off replacing full-fat milk with semi-skimmed one. Eat breakfast in the morning instead of a diet that has limitations for all kinds of food.

In order to lose weight, you should consider changing your eating habits. Weight loss is not attained in a day. Usual weight loss goals are set in terms of weeks. Your end goal is to sustain these changes over months and years.

Increase your activity levels

Weight loss is still possible if you will maintain the same diet and calorie intake but increase your physical activity. You do not have to go to the gym to do it. Even light exercise such as short 20-minute walk will be enough if done in most days of the week. Every time you exercise, you easily burn fats and calories.

There are a lot of ways you can increase the amount of activity you do. You can engage in team sports, racket sports, aerobics classes. You can do some running or walking in order to improve your fitness levels. You can get some inspiration from buying a fitness tracker.

Do something enjoyable and easy for you in terms of location and cost. Then slowly integrate it into your routine and keep exercising. Try these suggestions:

  • Get out during the weekend. Leave your car in the parking area and walk to the shops. For longer walks, go to the park, coast, or countryside and have a picnic. This way, you can easily control your food for the day.

  • Every extra step you take can make a huge difference. When in the office, take the stairs instead of the lift or get off the bus a stop before your usual and walk the rest of the way.

  • When watching television, use commercial breaks between TV programs to stand up and exercise. You can also try doing some yoga while watching your favorite program.

Reduce your calorie intake

If you are overweight, you need to stop your current eating habits. Weight loss is unlikely if you will still eat lots of food. You can still eat treats but you need to limit them to small amounts. This also does not mean crash diet as you can end up weaker or giving up in desperation. When it comes to weight loss, there are no shortcuts.

Limiting your intake to 300 to 500 calories daily translates to a loss of between 1 to 2 pounds weekly. You should also cut down on fatty foods and eat more wholegrain bread, fruits, and vegetables.

With your busy schedule, it will be tempting not to eat breakfast. As much as possible, don’t skip the morning meal. While it will reduce the number of calories you will take for that hour, it will make you hungrier later on. As a result, you would overeat to compensate. It will also lead you to make bad choices.

Not eating properly can disrupt your body metabolism making it harder for weight loss to happen.

Weight loss entails a lot of discipline and self-control on your part. Doing it the proper and healthy way will also be beneficial to your body.


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