Guest Post: Kumar Harsh


Kumar Harsh: The Dusty Place


I saw a dream one day,
Twinkling lights,
Had come to me one day,
Dressed in a golden scarf,
They told me of places far,
Where the wind had blown,
Where there was no soul,
A little dusty,
A little rusty,
That frame that had pictures of various faces,
It took me to a room,
Locked from the outside but through a keyhole,
Onto a bed, it dropped me,
Seemed liked a distant memory had shocked me,
The drop felt familiar,
The one I did in younger the years,
Then it took me to the place I had seen before,
The place where my grandfather would roll glasses on his ears,
And would call my name with a thunder,
It swooshed past the kitchen,
The flame had rested for many the years,
I remembered the burn I got from the experiment,
I want to be a cook was my intention,
It pulled out of the place and headed towards a sound,
A little sweet, a little familiar,
Towards light, that burned my eyes,
But settled soon and I could see,
The house was speaking,
Don’t forget me while I live,
The times you spent here when you were just a little,
The scratch that still remains from the fall you had,
The really small puppy that you got first,
I woke up sweating with my heart on a race,
Where am I, I had asked,
A home away from home,
A place away from the nest,
We sometimes lock back memories in walls of bricks,
The struggle, the grind and all that merry,
And move away to find our destiny,
Just like birds,
Who travel the unexplored to find their place,
Add something to them,
Bring about a change,
But whatever happens,
They migrate to their homes,
Just like them,
Maybe once a while,
We sometimes have to return home…


Our guest today is a writer who loves to writes a lot. His other hobbies include photography, singing, playing the violin, guitar. He believes in one thing- “All of us have one life and one life cannot have space for regrets.” Attracted to positivity. Most of the times it is difficult for him to say things out loud. His blog here serves this purpose. A silent observer and a patient listener…. My chat with him was most enjoyable. I am confident you will enjoy it too.


RNG: Good morning Harsh, it’s great to be chatting with you here, you are an excellent wordsmith and can comfortably write in both Hindi and English languages so when did you first realise you wanted to be a writer? 

HARSH: Good Morning Ma’am, it’s a pleasure to be with you here. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments. I have great teachers such as you to guide me through my writing process. Ma’am, I never thought that I will be writing like the way I have been because this was a territory unexplored. I have done engineering and was never inclined to writing, although I was the part of the editorial board of my college. I started writing from small quotes and small articles and started finding immense pleasure in doing so. It was that day and it is today. I can’t remember a single day that I have taken off from writing.

RNG: Great Harsh! I started writing from class Xth when I was giving my board exams and I remember the expression of shock on my father’s face when he caught me writing a poem rather than studying SSt. 😉 He actually was speechless… guess he got confused as to should he scold me or should he praise me…!! 😉 Anyway,  You tell me, how long does it take you to write a poem/article?

HARSH: It depends. Usually, when I have something in mind, I don’t have to force it and the amount of time it takes to type, that is the amount of time it usually takes. But I get distracted a lot. I have a pet dog at home and whenever he comes in my room, I cannot resist playing with him.

RNG: Ah, dogs…!!! 🙂 I have three of them and all my free time is divided between them. What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

HARSH: I usually wake up at five in the morning and take a jog. But as the weather has turned cold. I prefer staying in bed. My day is usually filled with a lot of work except writing and writing for me is a form of stress buster. I do it just before sleeping or when I don’t want to do anything else. Usually one can find me posting an article and replying the next day. I usually post and go to sleep. Apart from writing, I try learning any new thing with every passing day. It can be anything. Be it some information or cooking a new thing or playing a new song on my guitar.

RNG: What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

HARSH: I have this penchant for writing as short as possible. Words are something we all respect. My writings usually have words that are simple to understand but have a variety of meanings behind them. The reader is the one who tells me what they interpret from my writings. I like to play a lot and don’t want to stay in a particular form of writing.

RNG: What is your motivating factor?

HARSH: My motivation factor is usually anything that requires attention. I have always kept things to myself and the way I see things I want everyone else to see them. So, if one day you read that I see a car as a beast, yes, that’s exactly how I see it.

RNG: When did you write your first poem/article and how old were you?

HARSH: I and my brother have a habit of making birthday cards for our family. An exact date I cannot remember but yes I have been doing this for very long. The most strong memory I have is that I was maybe about 10 years of age when I wrote a letter to the then President of our nation Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. I got a reply back from him and I was the star of my class for days.

RNG: That is awesome..!! 🙂 How many poems/articles have you written till now? Can you share a few links of your favourite articles or a few lines of a poem close to your heart with our readers?

HARSH: I have written close to about 500 poems, quotes, stories and articles. Selecting few out of what all I have written would be unfair to all others. All of them are my favourites. But there is a poem I wrote for my father on father’s day “Happy Father’s Day Papa” and I received appreciation from the very wonderful writer Paulo Coelho. It’s close to my heart.

RNG: Fathers are special…! 🙂 Don’t laugh if I tell you that at my age, I’m still a daddy’s girl. 🙂 What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

HARSH: Listening to music or creating it.

RNG: Would you like to consider publishing your work in form of a book in the near future?

HARSH: Publishing a book requires a lot of patience and hard work. Yes, I would love to publish my own book. Nothing feels better than the smell of a good book.

RNG: Now that is something I totally agree with… “Nothing feels better than the smell of a good book” and if it is yours then, it gives you a real kick 😉. Do you have any suggestions to help the people reading your interview become a better writer? If so, what are they?

HARSH: Each one of us has a writer in them, one just has to make him/her shine. The thing I have found about writing is that it resembles every other thing. It requires practice and one can be anyone they want when they are a writer. My advice would be to just respect what you read because that’s somebody’s mind for you to read. It’s a privilege to read minds. Not everyone has the courage to put their mind for public display. You’ll be a wonderful writer and yes do tell me a thing or two you get to know about writing when you have found your Haven.

RNG: It’s been great chatting with you Harsh. I revisited my childhood with you and believe me each moment was memorable. I hope the readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed conducting it. Hope to see you frequent my guest post in future also and all my best wishes for your future.

HARSH: The pleasure was all mine, Ma’am. I enjoyed this interview very much. I got to remember so many things about me. Thank you so much, Ma’am, for this. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead. And best wishes for your new book.


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