Guest Post: Michel Montecrossa


Guest Post, Michel Montecrossa: New-Topical-Song & video ‘Talkin’ Future World

Guest Post
“In times of earthquakes, nuclear disasters, tsunamis, volcanoes erupting, mad leaders,
the financial crisis, crushin’ of rebels and what not – it’s time for Talkin’ Future World…”
                                                                                                           -Michel Montecrossa

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Song Lyrics

Talkin’ Future World

The future world is movement in the making.
Always find new moves and you are progressing.
Happiness is the spring of all moves and love the inspiration.
That’s why happiness and love are the life of every nation.

The future world ain’t made by bankas.
Bankas are zombies, bankas are gangstas.
Toxic assets are no option for the future.
The future world, I tell you, is something else.

The sun is the answer and a world free of money.
Pure water is the answer. Future world is for the millions and millions.
Business is criminal and the system can’t be trusted.
Confidence is dwindling, I say, or turning to a new generation.

Make your decision, be a decision-maker.
Pull your red fire and light up the old dark night.
Make your green dollars and be partner of victims.
Have determination in your voice when feelin’ all alone.

My music is the language of the soul that travels.
It travels from me to you, from you to me.
My music holds against beating, torture and starvation,
builds a link between the people and their future.

Nobody cares for you unless you are happy and upright,
unless you are the place of the warm sun of freedom,
unless you are the song of life and creation,
the song of the people, the song of future nations.

Space age generation is the future world
when the earth is united and new days will come
turning up new ideas and new inventions,
moving beyond all present limitations.

Yes, the future world is movement in the making.
Always find new moves without pretending.
Happiness is the spring of all moves and love the inspiration.
That’s why I sing of love and happiness for future world generations.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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