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Atrangi  Zindagi Ka Safar believes in the promotion of new bloggers and fellow bloggers offering everyone that a platform to showcase their talent. Today we have with us in Guest Post a very talented young man Naresh aka Prince Thadani also known as Baba/Raja by his close friends and family. Naresh is an excellent wordsmith. You’ll definitely enjoy his work…

FEEL : ❤
The love you gonna lose,
The lover you gonna choose!FEEL : ❤
The power of affection,
The shower of adulation!FEEL : ❤
The flow of dedication,
The glow of devotion!FEEL : ❤
The river of caring,
The quiver of sharing!FEEL : ❤
The elixir of magical voice,
The mixture of mystical noise!FEEL : ❤
The ignition of incomplete emotions,
The inflammation of unfelt sensations!FEEL : ❤
The parching of unfulfilled desires,
The scorching of unachieved aspires!FEEL : ❤
The melting of frozen heart,
The immortal souls take a depart! ❤~Reallionaire👑

I’m old enough to ally your perspectives. Suggestions are welcomed once my words tuck your heart and fuck your pain. I come from the land, the city that never sleeps, where dreams achieve a platform and reality play as a workstation, Mumbai. I may not be fair in complexion, that’s because I’ve given the authority to my nature. I may not be as tall as you, but one wouldn’t cater to the height of my self-esteem. By Profession, I’ve been dragged for the past 6 years, worked as Social Media Manager. I’m a YouTuber, A Dubsmasher, an Aspiring Actor and extremely modest of soul. Where the joy is concerned, I had worked in few ads too, motorbikes, chocolate ad etc. I ain’t a writer, and I assure you I will never be ever. Notwithstanding people bleed-through ink and showcases them in words. 

In my case, I experience everything live. I carry an old 17th-century physiognomy,  in the era of 19th century.

Don’t worry about the sugar in the body, Bother only about the spice in tongue and salt in the heart. Few words that would entertain you and keeps me contented as well.
जलती है दुनिया.. जलने दो
जलन उसका काम है।
जला जला के मारूँगा,
नरेश मेरा नाम है।

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