Guest Post: Ranjeeta Ashesh, Dreams


Guest Post: Ranjeeta Ashesh; Dreams



Life without dreams,
Is like the running streams,
Where no one is concerned for anyone,
Just busy calculating zero and one.

For god sake, wait
Wherever you are,
Sit quietly in the midst of happiness,
And think of that divine power.

He has given you eyes,
In those eyes the great desires,
Which gives you peace of mind,
And never lets you tires.

Dreams are the world of fantasy
Where there  are love and emotions
And future which is always glossy.

No one can snatch your dreams,
No one can stop you from going extremes,
So why not spend our night,
In searching for those beautiful sights,

Which will give us,
Satisfaction and confidence,
It will help us to rely on our future,
And believe in our presence.

All Rights Reserved
Ranjeeta Ashesh


Our guest today is an army officer’s wife, a proud mother of two naughty kids, an author of a book “Sushmaanjali…Ek Kaavya Sangrah and a blogger. Ranjeeta Ashesh believes“Dreams do come true..we just need to have vision.” She enjoys blogging and loves to read her fellow blogger’s blogs, it gives her the motivation to write better. Ranjeeta is definitely looking forward to a creative career. My chat with Ranjeeta was most enjoyable. I am confident you will enjoy it too.

RNG:- Good morning Ranjeeta, it’s great to be chatting with you here,  could you start by telling us a bit about yourself? 🙂

Alfaazonkiudaan: – Good morning…I’m Mrs Ranjeeta Ashesh, an author and a versatile blogger

RNG:- Ranjeeta do you realise that you are my namesake and we both share the same passion and both are authors. This is a wonderful coincidence and I’m sure our chat will be very interesting, umm… how do I say it… it’s from one Ranjeeta to Another Ranjeeta… 😉 Can you tell us about your blog, and what inspired you to start it? 🙂

Alfaazonkiudaan:- Thank you so much Ranjeeta…Yes, we share the same name and same passions, and same achievements. Surely, I would love to. My blog “Alfaazonkiudaan” is the reflection of my thoughts.I feel blogging is a very good platform to interact and meet like mind people.

RNG:- You are an excellent wordsmith and can comfortably write in both Hindi and English languages so when did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- I was a poet since my school days and when I realised I can express myself through poems then writing became a passion for me.

RNG:- Ranjeeta each individual has his own style of working, how would you describe your own personal style?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- I am an optimist. I generally see positive aspects of life and try to take them to my readers through my blogs.

RNG:- Your optimism is sure infectious 🙂 Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts? What is your motivation factor?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- I derive my inspiration from day to day incidents which I experience closely. My motivation is every person whom I meet. I am a good listener too…which helps me to understand people and their thoughts well.

RNG:- How long does it take you to write a poem/article and what is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- It takes me dedicatedly 1 hr to think and write my poem or an article. I am the chief content writer at Telko Infosolutions where I work from home. So when kids go to the school that is the best time to write.

RNG:- That is lovely! So you are able to balance out time for everything. 🙂 Each writer has his writing quirk, what would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- My interesting quirk is ..I can find happiness from anything bizarre. My poems are lively and full of emotions.I make sure they carry some message with them.

RNG:- When did you write your first poem/article and how old were you?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- I wrote my first poem”junglee kasba” when I was 15 yrs old.

RNG:- That is great! I also have been writing since class Xth. How many poems/articles have you written till now? Can you share a few links to your favourite articles or a few lines of a poem close to your heart with our readers?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- I have written 200 poems till date, maximum in Hindi, links I can’t share as my poems are safe in my treasured diary. It will sound weird but I still love to write in my diary with a cup of hot coffee. these are my favourite lines

गंगा के तल सा मन,
जमुना के जल सा तन ,
सरस्वती के तिल सा जीवन ,
मेरी माँ मानो त्रिवेणी का हो संगम ,
करके पूजा तुलसी की
मेरे सर पर हाथ फेरकर ,
माँ को मैने मुसकाते पाया
आज हवा को भी उसके आँचल को सहलाते पाया ।

RNG:- Ranjeeta, what do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- I love cooking, gymming and throwing parties…believe me, I am very good plan to come over sometime.

RNG:- Tell us about your most recent work and who inspired you?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- Most recently my book Sushmaanjali…ek kaavya sangrah got published. Its a collection of my soulful poems, which I have dedicated to my mother as she is no more.3e0cfebb-6333-49cb-b980-d671d24a681a

RNG:- Can you tell us where can your fans purchase your book?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- They can purchase my book on amazon and Flipkart and I can assure you, dear friends you will not be disappointed.

RNG:- You are an author, can you tell the budding aspirants who read your blog as to what challenges you face before and after publishing your book and how you overcame them?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- Yes..of course….it took me six long months and dedication. I found a publisher, Did a bit of research regarding publishing norms, Designed my book, Found a proofreader. My advice to young aspirants… don’t hurry have patience. Legal document, Copyrights, Royalty are few things one should be clear about.

RNG:- What is your motto in life?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- “dreams do come true…dream, desire and dedicate” is my motto

RNG:- Tell us about your next project and when will it be available to the public07711246-7e5c-4160-82ba-3d4842d47556?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- Well my first aim is to make my book bestseller. You all will be pleased to know that 400 copies of my book have already been sold out. It’s just 99rs so you all can give a try. I was busy promoting my book…had an interview with Doordarshan, with Aakashwani and 1 of my poem got selected by an international a lot of things going around. Definitely, my next book will be next year. You can also follow me on my facebook page.

RNG:- According to you what are the top 3 factors that one has to keep in mind while trying to write a successful blog post?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- For me.The content should be good, the presentation does play a vital role and attractive pic related with the content really boost your blog value, and your work should be original, don’t try to ape others. You are unique and let your uniqueness stand out.

RNG:- You, I wish you all the best for Sushmaanjali…ek kaavya sangrah to grow further. Any special message or any suggestions you would like to share with your visitors/fans which you think would help them become a better writer?

Alfaazonkiudaan:- My answer would be, keep writing, let your creative mind work, read as much as you can, be knowledgeable and lastly love yourself 😊

RNG:- It’s been great chatting with you, Ranjeeta.  I hope the readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed conducting it. Hope to see you frequent my guest post in future also and all my best wishes for your future. 


So readers that was Ranjeeta Ashesh for you. To Know Your Contemporary Poets and writers who have graced my blog with Guest Posts and found their way to my Hall Of Fame click here. Ranjeeta,  I hope to see you frequent my guest post in future also. 🙂


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© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar, 2016.

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