Guest Post Rashmi: A Letter By Feminism To So-called Feminists

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2 This is a letter written by Feminism to the so-called feminists who create nuisance at trivial matters but do not really work towards the more crucial matters related to women in India.

Guest Post Rashmi: A Letter By Feminism To So-called Feminists

A Letter By Feminism To So-called Feminists

Dear self-proclaimed Feminists,

What a splendid job you have done to the fairer community! Haven’t you?

I must appreciate; you have really grabbed the mass attention of the world with your women-centric activities. And she has really excelled high as a result; this encourages me to dream the Zenith for her.

You feel they hurt feminism when they stop her to wear revealing dresses. You consider this as a fight for equality, I must express, this will bring about a lot of confidence in her. Albeit I say with a heavy heart, see beyond dresses. Somewhere, she dreams of wearing a decent enough piece, while being wrapped in rags. Just that!

You proud of her having a rupture at an early age, I don’t condemn too for true love but look there, in the insides of the cozy corridors in the faraway lavish abode, she is struggling against a cane making red hues on her strong shoulders with a cruel misogyny disguised as her savior.

You are advocating for her to wander in the so-called happening paces till the break of the sun. I don’t disagree. Of course, uncultured they are to oppose a free will, but elsewhere she is wandering in the inky moonless time for a piece of the hut, such scene mars my existence.

You raise questions when they ask her to change her name, I agree but when she is asked to change her life and forget to laugh, it kills my identity, so raise a question on that first.

When her books and pen are snatched and legs are chained to the confinement of obligations, I am broken to the tiniest possible fragments, you dear Feminists. So get her the opportunity for the reading so she can grow.

When they splash burning acerbic rather than perfume on her glazy smooth skin, it burns every thread of my persona leaving me in shards.

When they push her to serve beyond desires, it shatters all the wishes I have made.

So Rise and Shine!

Rise from superficial demands. Shine for her true emergence.

Truly yours,
The Bruised Womanhood

Rashmi Agrawal is a Brand Ambassador for Sweek. Feedback about Sweek is welcome. #SweekKeeper. She is a software engineer by day and a writer all the other time. Her micro-fiction “His Gems” was shortlisted for the #Microletter contest. Her stories “A wish I made” and “Some Ghosts are really Virtual” were among the popular stories of #My2018 and #Scareme competitions respectively. Rashmi owns a food blog to satiate her craving for writing as well as interest in cooking:

She is thankful to all who have read, liked, followed and appreciated her work. She will be happy to hear your thoughts too, you are welcome to ping her on Sweek. Rashmi lives in India (Pune) and can be contacted at

This is a letter written by Feminism to the so-called feminists who create nuisance at trivial matters but do not really work towards the more crucial matters related to women in India.

AZKS: Good morning Rashmi, it’s great to be chatting with you here, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself? 🙂

RASHMI: I am a software engineer by day job and a writer all other time. I write short stories to micro fictions and plan to write novel soon. Other than writing and reading (obvious choices), my hobbies include a bit of gardening too. I am a mix of introvert and extrovert.

AZKS: A software engineer… that’s awesome! Can you tell us about your blog and about yourself, and what inspired you to start it and start writing? 🙂

RASHMI: I used to write a food blog in 2012-13 because I was interested in writing, but it did not flourish well as it needed good pics before a good recipe or writing skill which was not for me. I again kindled my writing skills from last year when I started writing short and very short stories for, a mobile writing platform.

AZKS: Food blog that’s great. Even I have a food blog called FoodAllTime. I would to visit it and try out a few recipes and at the same time invite to to my blog too. 🙂 You are an excellent wordsmith and can comfortably write in both Hindi and English languages so when did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

RASHMI: Last year I started writing stories and then I realized I find happiness and solace in writing, so if that is being writer, I am a writer though not published in paperback yet. 😊

AZKS: I would love to see your stories in paperback. Each individual has his own style of working, how would you describe your own personal style?

RASHMI: I am not sure, what is my style as I still feel myself as novice. But I try a lot of experimenting with tenses, POVs and genres.

AZKS: Novice or not but I think it’s really cool to be able to write stories. Tellme Rashmi, where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts and writings? What is your motivating factor?

RASHMI: I do not own a blog post, but I plan to start one soon. For my stories, whatever comes to my mind as an idea, I jot down in a notebook. Anything can inspire my stories like old incidents, any book I read, dreams or even writing prompts.

AZKS: Great I write poetry mostly and have tried a few short stories like 24 Hours: A True Short Story, Bleeding Hearts: A Short Story and Blind Love: A Short Story but don’t have enough time for them as my three blogs and my school keeps me busy all the time.How long does it take you to write a poem/article?

RASHMI: It depends on the word limit my story should have but from scratch to editing, revising and cover for the story, takes a week to even a month. Very few micro fictions are there which I have written in less than 3 days. I usually call myself a slow writer.

AZKS: Remember, slow and steady always wins the race… 😉 What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

RASHMI: Tough, really difficult to manage as I have a demanding full time job. So, I write at times in the early morning hours and after I close my office work. I exploit weekends too.

AZKS: I can understand that happens with me too. Sometimes I just don’t get sleep and words keep playing and bouncing in my head. While at other times I suffer from writers block. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

RASHMI: My writing itself is a quirk. Lol. I used to write pathetic poems when I was in high school. Then I quitted. Last year again, I saw a contest on Facebook by chance and tried my shot with it. And you know what, after that I am hooked to writing. It grew from hobby to passion now.

AZKS: Writing is a passion for me too… when did you write your first poem/article/story and how old were you?

RASHMI: I wrote my first poem in class 9th, possibly 15 years ago.

AZKS:  How many poems/articles have you written till now? Can you share a few links of your favorite articles or a few lines of a poem close to your heart with our readers? (If you are not a blogger then you can share your poems/quotes)

RASHMI: I have written approximately 30 or more stories. My poems are part of my stories. A few links are:

This one is when I started writing.

A few which are really my hard work (you need to login with facebook account)

AZKS: Wowie…! I’m impressed Rashmi. This is awesome. Now that I have these links I’ll also read them all one by one. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

RASHMI: Reading and family time.

AZKS:  Tell us about you most recent work and who inspired you?

RASHMI: This is a story inspired from the Mumbai Floods for 26th July 2005 and the adversities shown in the story were faced by my husband.

AZKS: Rashmi can you tell me what is your motto in life?

RASHMI: To write lots of fiction and inspire people to read more and more books.

AZKS:  Tell us about your next project and when will it be available to the public?

RASHMI: Working on a Mystery story for a story based gaming app.

AZKS: That is super cool. My son would love that! He’s always into gaming J According to you what are the top 3 factors that one has to keep in mind while trying to write a successful blog post/poem/story?

RASHMI: A few factors that I feel one must take care of are:

1. We fancy using big complex words and jargons. Avoid! I myself did this lots of time and learnt after some excellent criticism.

2. The facts should be researched well before the story is written.

3. Characters should be interesting and well rounded.

AZKS: Rashmi that was a valuable piece of advice and I’m sure that this will help the readers reading this interview. I wish you all the best for writings and your blogs. May your fan following grow further and further. Any special message or any suggestions you would like to share with your visitors/fans which you think would help them become a better writer?

RASHMI: Practice and rework are must. Do not expect a miracle in some months. Write, edit, revise and read!

AZKS: It’s been great chatting with you on this forum Rashmi. I hope the readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed conducting it. Hope to see you frequent my guest post in future also and all my best wishes for your future.

RASHMI: Of course!

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