What Does Home Mean To Me?


I Am Home

I am home
When the warmth radiating from the walls
Reach my soul and calms me down
When I see the burnt orange blazing in the fireplace,
When our children run around me bare feet chasing,
Squealing and fighting with each other
When I feel safe and secure with every test and trial that I withstood.

I am home
When I invest hope in this small dwelling of mine
When I am able to build a strong, solid foundation for my kids to grow upon
When asking the price of commodity
Holds no weight compared to the smiles on my children’s faces
When the smell of incense, dog’s and detergent tingle my nostrils.

I am home
When I see the pile of clothes on my table
And remind myself to arrange then back in the cupboard the next day
When all I can hear is my dog’s snoring into the night
As competing with each other as to who does the loudest
When I can kick the sandals of my hurting feet wishing never to wear them again.

I am home
When living in tiny spaces don’t feel bothersome
As I share the space with my loved ones
When I can be my cranky self and no Justifications are needed
When even in the face of adversity the smiling faces of my kids
Lifts me up from the pits of despair.

I am home
When the aroma of my coffee ebbs away
The highs and lows of each day
When you run your fingers through my hair,
And seal my lips with a loving kiss
When I lay my head on your chest and
Hear your heart call out my name
When my lungs faithfully breathe the cologne
That you applied hurriedly in the morning and brings me back to the present.

I am home
And I know, I’m safe…

ranjeeta nath ghai on home

What does home mean to me?

Home is a place where you are treated the best and crib the most.

What home means to me?… Well, it means everything to me. It is my sanctuary. My den. A place where I am the boss. It’s a place no one judges me. I can be what I am. Walk in my pyjamas even during the day or dress like a princess at night.
I remember when I was unmarried it was not my home but my room that was my sanctuary… much to my mom’s irritation I used to put up posts on the walls, make collages and had dedicated my full door to graffiti. But I guess things change as you grow. Added responsibilities widen your area of domain and then your rates change. From I, Me and Myself you transform Your, Mine and Ours.
Home is more than four walls. It means a family to come back to after a hard day’s work. To all those who I find overdosing on the streets and those who drive with their mobiles secured between their ears and shoulders I always say… Remember your life is precious. Maybe not for you… But for those who are waiting for you to come back home safely.
Furthermore, home is more than a place; it is a feeling. It is a feeling of contentment, security and happiness that we share with the ones we love. It means the aroma of delicious mouthwatering dishes cooked by mother. It means an ongoing banter of Arnab Goswami coming from the TV room.
It means snores of my sleeping dogs and their loud barks when I ring the doorbell. Home means undulated breathing of your kids sleeping all cuddled up beside you snoring softly and you showing their cheeks with featherlight kisses lest you wake up the little devils.

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