Hope Is The Thing We Fear

When the storms in your life
Threaten to cause turmoil and strife,
Move forward with finding
Hope in the future
Replace doubt with love
Uncertainty with Faith
And you shall see
Your strength rebound
And the Calm shall prevail
Above the Storm.

“Hope is the thing we fear.” Why are we so scared to Hope? And so anxious to give in to Fear? Have I confused you…? Well, these two small stories should help you understand what I mean to convey…

Story 1

The judgement day was near. Rajan was waiting for the results to be out. He had worked hard for this promotion. Not only that he had removed all possible obstacles that could hamper this promotion and that meant the removal of his arch-rival Madan from the office. But then why was he still scared? Why did the fear of failure loom large?

Story 2

Madan had just resigned from his secure job. The politics there were getting too much for him to digest. Though he felt bad about the way things turned out he believed that whatever happens, happens for good and began looking for the silver lining in the cloud. Stagnation is never good for development. Perhaps this was the way to make a new start. He decided to take charge of his life with a renewed fervour and hope.

In the above two cases, we find two characters, Rajan and Mohan. While Rajan is insecure and is full of apprehension and fear, Mohan is full of optimism and hope. While hope offers us comfort and empowers us to think the unthinkable, fear takes too much hold of a personality, breeds insecurity, rigidity in thought process and then the paranoia enters.

Both hope and fear are great motivators and have the capacity to promote growth in us.
Let me make it clearer to you all…

Fear is the prompt,
Hope is the way.
Fear is a reaction to something,
Hope is acting consciously to achieve a goal.
Fear is about trying to survive something.
Hope is about knowing why you want to.
Fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real,”
Hope is “Holistic Optimism for Progress and Encouragement.”
Fear is being afraid of your own shadow in the dark,
Hope is looking at the shadow and wishing you were as tall/slim as you look at the shadow.
Fears fill us with desperation,
Hope instils confidence in us.
Fear is something that we struggle with every day,
Hope is something that we ignore every day.
Fear says, “what if?”
Hope says, “why not!”

If you sit down and think seriously about it, you’ll find that hope is fear’s antithesis. It’s an antidote for fear. In a way, hope is the reality we wish to see in the future, and fear is its shadow.

While Fear stems from our inability to control the future. Hope keeps us alive; it encourages us to move on irrespective of all the challenges we face. Fear shows us nightmares while Hope shows us dreams thus keeping us from being down in difficult times. So believe in yourself and your dreams. Overcome your fears and strive to make your dreams come true.

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