Maybe Someday; Hoping Against Hope


Hoping Against Hope

Maybe someday
I won’t have to repeat
Myself over and over again to my kids
One day they’ll learn to trust my instructions
My experiences and move forward.
Realize that the daily dose of reality
Was to protect them from harm.


Maybe someday
Two souls
Will be kept warm by each other’s company
Two hearts
Dancing in the rain playfully
Without a care in the world,
Merging at a point of vulnerability.


Maybe someday
Whenever I try to apologize; refuse,
Or try to compliment
I’ll know where to begin or 
Where to end
Clean up the mess I created
And stop fooling myself.


Maybe someday
My eyes will be able
To see through people’s deceit
Into their heart, soul and mind
Know the difference between fake and original
Appreciating the gifts life brings

And I’ll stop being stupid and trusting after all.


Maybe someday
We’ll realize 
That we had more stories to share
We had moments to enjoy each other’s company
Like we’ve never imagined
But like fools
Wasted time; as slaves of gadgets.


Old habits die hard
Maybe someday….
I’ll learn perfection.


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