Intone of Redemptive Harmony

Intones of Redemptive Harmonies

Intone of Redemptive Harmony

At the edge

Of quiet golden shores

Emerald blue rippling waves


Not the seagulls, not the winds

Can voice the memories

Hidden in my heart.


Isolation spins

Its mysterious cocoon

Regret; Remorse:


The island of self-pity

Knows no other human voices

No other footprints.


A wiser person now

Like a serene calm Island

In the middle of a stormy ocean

The white milky waves rolling free…

Kissing the rocks

Flowing around them

Uttering a vague prayer; I sit back.


I sit back, looking out beyond land

Letting the crowds of people

Pass me by

No direct communication with others

Reliving the priceless moments

Voicing harmony

Of infinite solitude…


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