Is This What Home Looks Like?

Is This What Home Looks Like?
Is This What Home Looks Like?

Is This What Home Looks Like? 

Clothes strewn across the room,
Some comfortably sitting on the chair
The others hanging on for their dear life
Trying to salvage their lost glory
Bed soaking up the moisture of the wet towel heartlessly flung on it
Is this what home looks like?

Basketball lying in a corner, neglected; covered with dust
While football sits on the study table
Spikes having accumulated mud in them lying wantonly on the floor
And squash racket needs to be zipped up before being hung
Is this what home looks like?

Cupboards open as if silently inviting the mice to be raided
An array of nail polish lined up; some filled, half empty or drying up
Talcum powder liberally coating the floor
A perfect invitation to skid and land on your bums if not careful
Is this what home looks like?

Furry babies peacefully snoring
While your vacuum cleaner battles
The dangers of choking on dogs shedding hair
And while you wonder how to train them to wipe their feet before jumping on your bed
You think… You ask me… Is this what home looks like?

The TV is on with the full volume turning you partially deaf
As the audience enjoying the show are octogenarians
Blaring loud news and family dramas all are part of it
Making one run to for cover as if tripped accidentally into a war zone
Is this what home looks like?

Oft I’ve asked myself this question
“Is this what home looks like?”

But when I sit to think about
Empty refrigerators vs ones loaded with yesterday leftovers
Empty floors vs furry buddies and wagging tails
Empty cupboards vs ones from where the clothes keep trickling out
Neatly made bedroom vs the ones which have just been swept by a typhoon called kids
I would proudly say… Yes, this is what home looks like!

17 thoughts on “Is This What Home Looks Like?”

  1. Real and always close to hearts ,as usual,that’s Ranjeeta for you!! Simple words with warm feelings that touch one’s heart!!


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