Happy Birthday JW (Junior Whisky)!

JW Junior Whisky

Happy Birthday, JW (Junior Whisky)!

JW(Junior Whisky) is all about nine years old today. He gets his name from his mother Whisky who was an apple of our eye. She nursed him for two days only after which she crossed the rainbow bridge🌈 on the 14 of January.

Goodbye Whisky

Trust me it wasn’t an easy task bringing up a 2days old pup whose mother was no more. Everyone told me that he won’t survive. But I banked on that 1% survival chance. After all, Whisky had entrusted him to my care and he, JW was the only living memory of her that I had.

It all started when I noticed that Whisky was suddenly gaining health (she was a miserable eater) and becoming more fuller. On closed examination, I found that her mammary glands had started developing too. I became suspicious and rushed to the vet who confirmed her pregnancy and told me that I had only one month. She had got crossed with a local street🐕 dog. How & when I don’t know but I definitely know it was when I was off to my office and who was to be blamed.

Caring for JW

This is where my vet DrRavi Dutt Mishra stepped in. It had become very difficult to feed tiny JW. So my vet, Dr Mishra arranged for a kitten milk bottle. That bottle solved all my problems. I used to get up early and feed him. Then give him stimulus with a wet cotton ball on his genitals so that he would pass his urine. Then again on his…… So that he could💩 poop. This I had to repeat every hour. So I took 21 days LWP (leave without pay) from office. And here is where my children helped me too. Once he grew up a little bit. He was born in the peak of winters and had no way to insulate himself or a mother to cuddle up to. So that need was also fulfilled by me. I used to place him in my throat and then wrap a muffler in such a way that I did not suffocate him at the same time he would receive body heat from me. At night my husband took turns to look after him.


At about two weeks approximately he opened his ears and his eyes. What deep blue eyes he had! It was a treat to watch. He could now see what he used to smell. Now he tried walking but couldn’t even crawl… he would fall flat on all fours.

The best was when we used to raise him in the air in the 🦁 Lion King pose. The terrified and confused expression he had on his face would amuse us. Slowly as he learnt to walk he would go and hide in places we could never think about…

His Likes & Dislikes

Slowly but surely my baby of two days grew up to be a handsome boy of nine years. He has his own preferences, likes and dislikes though. He loves milk cakes, gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun and paneer. He dislikes fruits and chicken and likes only chicken liver. He dislikes rice and chappati and loves only pedigree and no other dog food. He loves to cuddle up on my leg and in my lap and hates to sleep on the floor or away from me. Like most dogs, he doesn’t like a bath but also doesn’t create a ruckus when I call him. He prefers love and cuddling up to food. Though he is mixed breed i.e. a combination of Labrador retriever and an Indian pariah dog most of his behavioural attitudes are of a Labrador.
It’s been a lifetime experience of bringing up my JW. Happy birthday, luv. 💓

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