Layer By Layer

Layer By Layer

Layer By Layer

Peel me up 
Layer by layer
And all you’ll be left with
Is tears.
Naked and vulnerable
To the core
You’ll find strings of anxiety 
Maybe long lines of worries
As I go about my life
At nothing.

Layers upon layers
Complex and diverse
Clashing Colours
Constructed in chaos
Forged in tears
Forgotten reasons
Secrets unknown
Constantly changing; 
Each shift revealing new layers; New perspectives.
Layers of journeys held in silence.
Tears or a burning anger not predicted
Instantly changing everything

Memories held within the layers hardly ever disappear.
What the heart has fondly gazed upon remains
Deeply engraved in fibres of our souls
As burning embers buried under time’s ash.
What is banished often engulfs and arises
Still existing under these layers.
Inside the spirit of all our heartstrings
Our journeys may leave vivid scars held in silence
But they will also hold memories of salvaged emotions.
Sometimes lessons in layers.
Comforting breeze drying the painful tears
Playing a pivotal role.
Used to change everything.



Here the relationships are compared to onions.

Just the way onions have loads of layers same is the case with human relationships.

They are covered by layers of emotions. The more you try to peel off the more layers you’ll get to see

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