Learn to Live Again

Learn to Live Again

Learn to live again
As you listen to the
Rhythmic sound of raindrops,
Curling up with the cushions
On the couch
The morning sunrise
The sunset hues
A baby’s precious smile
Cheerful colours of a rainbow
Aroma of freshly brewed coffee
Old mellifluous songs on your playlists,
Drops of dew on the grass,
Long conversations with people you love
Confiding in people you trust
Peeking into the leather notebook
That holds all your thoughts.
Birds chirping outside the window
Lying under the open skies and counting the stars
A bonfire that ignites the memories
Breathing of your loved ones
When you wake up at night…
All have the ability
To warm the soul
And to comfort the heart
So shun the shroud of darkness
And rememberย to learn to live again.

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