Let The Magic Work

Let The Magic Work

Rays of light
Peering down from
The cusp of heaven
A heavenly touch of sunshine
Piercing through the cloudy sky
Slipping through the golden gates,
As if blessing me in my
Moments of personal glory,
As my dreams become reality.
Looking back I feel
So easy, was the idea of giving it all up!
So easy it was to think of not writing anymore,
But one thing I was not prepared for
Was to tame the voices and the words that
Played truant as I went to bed.
To silence this voice of mine,
To let the words all scatter
And fall around me.

Taking a deep breath
Look upwards and feeling blessed
I walked back inside
To the warmth of home
Throwing away all the uncertainties
To the wind; trusting my instincts
Letting the magic work
Chill out with a glass of wine
As I lay my anxieties of the day to rest.


18 thoughts on “Let The Magic Work”

  1. Many people have testified that a glass of wine lays the anxieties of the day at rest. But it is the opposite in many cases. In the case of my brother, a quiet and happy life was shattered to pieces.

    • There is difference between ‘A’ glass of wine… wine in actual sense
      and being an alcoholic or having rum, whisky or any other brand regularly with no control. Since the day I was born I have seen my father enjoy his two small pegs of scotch on Saturdays. But he has strict control on himself. And he is 80now and a flourishing doctor and an ex army officer. It all depends on us. Do we choose to let things control us or we are in control of things and situations…

      • After I lost my brother due to alcoholism, I referred to many books and I learn that temperance is beyond the control of 10% of people. But no body can predict who those 10% are. So, better to avoid it totally. That’s what I advise my children.

  2. This one has such a nice poetic flow!
    Well I am seeing you have added so many features in your blog..I think it is the advantage of going for a a paid up version..Anyways I am going to dance on your favourite tunes…lalalala..


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