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Snowflakes Falling Quietly

Snowflakes Falling Quietly

Flake by flake
The snow falls.
Delicate dancing darlings
Falling quietly and melting away
Such is life,
But beautiful
While it lasts.

Words and Silence

Words and Silence In Relationship

In a relationship
Words count
Can leave you guessing


Home is more than a place;
It is a feeling.

It is a feeling of contentment,
Security and happiness

That we share
With the ones we love.

a street lamp

A Street Lamp

A street lamp at the end of my street
Crafts a world
In which darkness does not exist
Emitting rays of hope on stormy nights
This little lamp is like a shining star
That radiates energy and
Brings warmth to my soul.

i cant decide

I Can’t Decide

I can’t decide…
Whether to close the book
On my past mistakes
Or turn over to the new chapter
And let destiny play its role.

overcast sky



Untangle Your Thoughts

Untangle your thoughts
Rewire your emotions
And activate your
OFF switch
On meeting

darkness Envelopes

As darkness envelopes me
I switch from reality to dreams

Now & Then

There was a time
When people used to look out
For the rainbow in the sky
After the rains
Now they sit in their cars
Behind the wipers
And hold on tight
To the fond memories
As they cherish them

Shades of Grey


Too Hot To Handle

Casual Musings



A small tribute to my mother who celebrated her 74th Birthday on 10/May/2017
*Maa….means mother

“The Web” Series (1/10)

Don't Be Like A Spider Spinning A Lonely Web And Let Life's Opportunities Pass You By. “The Web” Series (1/10)

“The Web” Series (2/10)

Let's Weave A New Web Of Love As We Move Through The Universe.... “The Web” Series (2/10)

“The Web” Series (3/10)

Uniquely Beautiful Bejewelled With Early Morning Dew The Silken Strands Of The Web Looked Fragile But Deadly. “The Web” Series (3/10)

“The Web” Series (4/10)

Tangled In The Web Of Pleasure & Pain We Decorate Our Memories With Dreams. “The Web” Series (4/10)

“The Web” Series (5/10)

Dreamers Clinging To The Edge Of Sanity Weave Their Words Of Wit And Woe. “The Web” Series (5/10)

An Endless Wait

Waiting for the rains I watched helpless As the delicate flowers wilt And hope dwindles.

Notorious Driver

Notorious driver Collision; Cascading mess Of debris,  Holds common sense To ransom Committed to all Farce and pain Whilst pointing at Others to blame.

Being Notorious

Sometimes it's better to be Notorious and avoided Than being a simpleton And be taken for granted.

“The Web” Series (6/10)

Unable To Retreat Hypnotized By His Eyes She Fought A Losing Battle Trying To Escape A Web Of Lies. “The Web” Series (6/10)

Windows Of The Heart

Through the windows Of my heart I let out my ego And my soul awakened To a new dawn

“The Web” Series (7/10)

Riding High On Waves Of Ecstasy, Words Elude Me, Webbed together Our Souls Unite  As Your Eyes Recite The Soliloquies Of Your Soul. “The Web” Series (7/10)

A Pursuit

“The Web” Series (7/10)

Riding High On Waves Of Ecstasy, Words Elude Me, Webbed together Our Souls Unite  As Your Eyes Recite The Soliloquies Of Your Soul. “The Web” Series (7/10)

“The Web” Series (8/10)

Intricate Design Of The Virtual World Like The Delicate Silk Of The Spider's Web Connects Each Of Us As Pieces In This Puzzle That We Call Life “The Web” Series (8/10)

“The Web” Series (9/10)

The Devil's Hands Spread A Web Of Sordid Dreams Across The Eyes Behind His Glasses “The Web” Series (9/10)

“The Web” Series (10/10)

Simple Pleasures Of Life Are Lost  In This Tangled Web  We Weave Under A Canopy Of Dreams “The Web” Series (10/10)

I’m Born Again



A Reprieve

A long trial Soulful catharsis Picaro; sentenced to death Saved by last minute Reprieve.


I cut the portion of you From my memories And used every tool I had To scrape your wounds From my mind And stopped walking the world With thoughts of you.


Spark Of Life Touches Earth; Crack l e s

Flickering Embers

As flickering embers die in the fireplace
A glow of warmth in your arms
Sets my world on fire
And sets me ablaze
Burning down all reservations
Setting me free.

The Colour I Recognise

There is only one race
That I recognize
Is the race of humanity.

The only colour
That I recognize
Is the colour of friendship.

The only thing I savour
And recognize
Is the purity of soul.

Wag the Dog

Walk a mile in the shoes of the soldiers
Who always Walk a fine line
Waiting in the wings to come to your rescue
Rather than question their motives
And wag the dog.






Mind Body And lust... Colliding into one. Mingling together, With heated Passion  And kisses that Burn “Lust” Series (3/7)

बदनाम रिश्तों की बात ही कुछ और होती है ना जाने क्यूँ दिल को गुदगुदा जाती हैं...

ठहरे पानी सी हो गई है ज़िन्दगी बस अब कायी लगनी ही बाकी है....

The police stopped him for over-speeding. Little did they know that he'll meet his death the moment he stopped by vehicle coming from behind.

Two bikes. Five riders. One accident. Two broken arms. Two broken legs. One miraculous escape sans a scratch. One life lost.

अक्सर मेहफिलों के कोतुहुल में अपनो की आवाज़ गुम हो जाती है...

Peace sounds like a joke When I hear politicians speak of it.

कभी फुर्सत मिले तो याद करना हम महफ़िल छोड़ कर चले आयेंगे...

ज़रा सी आँख क्या लगी हमारी खुद को पिछे और ज़माने को आगे पाया...

Peace sounds like A far fetched dream That mankind shall foolishly Never cease to search to for Yet always fail to implement.

आज फिर धुआं देखा तो मन में ख्याल आया... क्या जला? चूल्हा जला, दिल जला या अर्थी?

मौत से यूँही ड़रे जा रहे थे हम तेरी एक मुस्कुराहट ही काफी थी मुझे फना करने के लिये