Heartaches: Love in the Ruins



Heartaches: Love in the Ruins

My heart aches when I think of you,
Our dreams dreamt together,
That now lies tortured,
Amidst these ruins,
Trying to convince myself,
That I can get over you,
Forget you, walk alone,
And start my life anew.
Your memories haunt again,
In your handwriting, preserved;
Those deep intense eyes,
That dared to penetrate my soul.

Every day and every night
I hear you murmur;
Feel the pain possess me quite,
My heart aches with anguish,
I feel as though I’m losing you
Just as sand slips through fingers,
Don’t leave me to wander alone…!
My own vexed heart deplores,
I’ve told you oft before,
There could never be another,
That, I Could share you with,
But alas…!! I stand today
By my broken heart’s tomb;
The end is everywhere,
My love still bears the truth,
Hears thy voice right,
Now he’s gone…..!!
Is it the end,
Or a new beginning..!?!


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