Maa: Greatest Power In The Universe


Maa: Greatest Power In The Universe

Our truest friend and worst critic,
Always standing by us,
When trials were heavy, and,
Sudden catastrophe fell upon us,
In adversity or prosperity,
We have only clung on to you.

Your gorgeous smile,
Dispelling the gloom surrounding us,
Even God empowered only YOU,
To dissipate the clouds of darkness, and,
Cause peace to return to our hearts,
We couldn’t have tasted success without you.

The greatest power in the universe,
You maintained your sanity,
With rebellious knuckleheads,
At your glorious best, or,
Filled with wrath
You’ve commanded our love either way…

(8th May 2016)

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8th may 2016, celebrated as mother’s day all over the world is a perfect way to pay tribute to one’s mother.

Realising her worth and sacrifices that she has made for us since the day she conceived us to daye is her payment made in full.

Respect not only your mother but a mother as a whole.

She can be anyones’ mother and she need not be a human…



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