Memories Are Forever



Memories Are Forever

Some are sweet, some bitter,
Some dipped in venom bittersweet,
Dwelling in our thoughts, governing our deeds,
A rainbow to treasure, few shadows that impede,
A smile that reassured your heart,
A confession that made reasoning depart,
Memories are forever
For as long is forever….

Separated by miles, But,
Even thoughts can make you smile,
Of silent ghosts or a forbidden romance,
A lovelorn look or a coveted glance,
Sharing of a thought or a beautiful moment,
An unshed tear or a dream confluent,
Memories are forever
For as long is forever…

A feeling of remorse or grief,
Or hope to turn over a new leaf.
Deciding to turn another page, or,
To close the book and disengage,
Of quarrels and compromises,
Extending an olive branch or to dramatize,
Memories are forever
For as long is forever…

Life is full of memories that we accumulate as we move along gathering experiences in life. Some may be good, some bitter and some may be fond memories that can bring a smile or a frown on your face. But these memories mean that you have lived your life to the fullest.

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