Men:- In Love….?

Men In Love

Men In Love….?

What do men think,
When they talk of love?
Is it caring about someone,
And, understanding their needs?
Or, is it momentary lust and infatuation?
When uttering the words “I Love You”,
Do they think of apple blossoms
In the air, and wedding bells?
Or, is it the case of ‘out of sight out of mind’?
While sending red roses and jasmine,
Do they think of fair abyss of love,
Or, Do they have restrained preoccupations….!!!?!
Men… How do they act then…?
Anything is easy for a Man….!!
I guess….

(21st May’88)

So many of us claim to know the men in our lives. But do we actually know our men?

What do they like? What do they really mean when they say hmm…

Most of my good friends have been men.

Not because they are men but as compared to women they are simpler to understand.

We, women, are so possessive when we are in love.

But what do the men feel like when they say they are in love?

This poem tries to bring that to the fore…



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